7 июля 2021

SinDava Games

We are a young mobile game developer studio, which was founded in 2020. We specialize in the mobile games market and develop products for the most demanding audience. All our games show an innovative approach to both programming and design. But the most important thing is that we respect our users and listen to their opinion.

Tower Defense — GOLDEN LEGEND

Play the classic Tower Defense game in the world of Slavic mythology. Defeat three unique Bosses and save the ancient world.
If you are a fan of the real-time strategy genre, then Tower Defense — GOLDEN LEGEND is definitely a game for you.

The story takes place during the time of the light of three moons, on the holy land, which was guarded by the ancient gods. The darkness in deep caves multiplied, strengthened, and began to attack the holy lands. Only YOU can stop the evil in the decisive battle of the three worlds.

Repel attacks in the forests, swamps and in the ancient city, do not let the enemy destroy the main sanctuary of the Slavs! Upgrade defensive towers, use magic, set traps, summon helpers, you have the power to win, the main thing is to use it correctly!

First birthday SinDava Games

Today is our birthday. In honor of this holiday, we are distributing promo codes for our game. Tower Defense — GOLDEN LEGEND


To activate the promo code, you need to log in to the game, open the store, select gem pack 2, the payment method is a promo code.

If you didn’t have enough promo code or you have any questions, write to us SinDavaGames@gmail.com we will definitely help.